by Travis Gertz

Frank Bruni published a column on this interesting new independent film based on real-life-events. It’s not exactly a review, but digs into the film’s underlying message.

“People routinely buy into outlandish claims that calm particular anxieties, fill given needs or affirm preferred worldviews. Religions and wrinkle-cream purveyors alike depend on that. And someone like Todd Akin, the antihero of last week’s news, illustrates it to a T. The notion that a raped woman can miraculously foil and neutralize sperm is a good 10 times crazier than anything in “Compliance,” but it dovetails beautifully with his obvious wish — and the wishes of like-minded extremists — for an abortion prohibition with no exceptions. So he embraces it.”

Hokey acting aside, I am looking forward to watching the film.

Also check out Glenn Greenwald’s terrific follow up on how failures to oppose authority affect us on an even greater societal level.

Read Bruni’s article.