Couple Blogging is Lame

by Rachel Gertz

This one hits square in the sucker. Of course we’re a couple; of course we blog; of course we’re lame. All you have to do is check out an early post written while we were on the road to realize that pitiful fact. Oh god, please don’t read any of those.

The funny thing? This article by Vice writers and loving couple, Glen Coco and Strawberry Ribena [see what they did there?] is pretty accurate. Couples who blog about their fashion choices and what books they’re reading and how how everyone else annoys them is boring. But also hilarious. But boring. The internet gives us the ability to embarrass ourselves publicly by showing off how self-absorbed we all are.

That’s what Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr and Four Square and Path are all about, too. Just ways to say, “hey, where I am and what I’m doing are pretty important, so you should probably pay attention.” Even though we’re anything but. There’s so many of us all blathering at the same time, the blather is just turning into frothing digital soup that has nowhere to go except to spill over. We’re so unspectacular. It’s hilarious.

Whether we’re putting ourselves out there as couples, as passive-aggressive posters, or not at all, it’s okay. We’re allowed to be self-involved. As long as we realize that in the end it’s all just noise. Like a stone being rolled over a riverbed. And no matter how many people read and follow us (or don’t), most people out there don’t care about our noise. So keep on making it!

My dad’s rant on internet anonymity is and will continue to be my favourite. He’d be devastated if he knew I posted it in the hairy eye of the public. He’s not on Facebook. He doesn’t check his email every day and he sure as shit doesn’t Twitter or whatever.

“Excuse me, but I don’t really need everyone knowing when I’m taking a goddamned shit.”

Well played, Dad.

Read the article.