Decline of The Times

by Rachel Gertz

I don’t really like Gawker. And I don’t really like the New York Times. What happens when the Times writes an article about something that Gawker hates? Hilarity. And a mass orgy of hating.

Drew Magary rants about the decline of The New York Times, a paper wasting its time writing about two snot-nosed, nouveau riche teenagers. I’m laughing that Gawker, a sensationalist magazine is wasting its time writing about the New York Times, just another failing media giant. Your turn: you should be laughing at me wasting my time linking to this mess in the first place. A sign of the times, I guess.

On a related note, you should watch God Bless America. It’s about hating the media masses, but then doing something (violent) about it. Not that I support that.

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