Do One Hundred Pushups

by Rachel Gertz

I tried this program with Trav about two years ago. I went from doing a measly sum of five ‘girl’ pushups to about 70+ consecutive ‘girl’ pushups in about four weeks. Then we just abruptly stopped. Don’t ask me why.

I definitely noticed a difference in my strength, but not so much any tone changes in my arms. Or maybe I’m tone deaf—oh, I remember now: our excuse for quitting was that it was a really tiny apartment and we didn’t have room for two people to do sweaty pushups at the same time after four weeks of doing sweaty pushups in a tiny apartment. Right.

Anyway, my friend Karissa brought it up again and we’re going to commit to doing these damned exercises if it damn-well kills us. Six weeks, three times a week, and bragging rights for being able to whip out 100 pushups in a row. Time to let my competitive juices leak out of my sorry pores.

I just did my fit test today and I eked out a measly three regular pushups. I hate my almost thirty-year-old body for giving up on life. This is going to be a worthy bitch of an adversary, isn’t it.

In case you’d like to join me and scrap that saggy body you call home, hundredpushups also offers some other sexy six week fitness ‘programs’. Taking up these programs is probably a better avenue than the Lipolaser treatment Groupon was trying to sell me yesterday.




Well, speak up…Are you in?

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