Earth: What You See From Space

by Rachel Gertz

OVERVIEW from Planetary Collective on Vimeo.

‘Overview’ is a way of explaining the mind-blowing things you see and feel and experience when you reach just beyond the fingertips of earth’s atmosphere; ecstasy and understanding woven together.

This video describes a blissfully scientific perspective wrapped in the human awe of observation. Several astronauts all describe it the same way. The moment they could look through the glass as they shot out of earth’s orbit and actually stare at the shrinking checkerboards of ice and mountains, of northern lights and city lights around our planet. The moment they could tell that all lifeforms are connected on this globe. The moment their eyes picked up the impacts of humanity etched everywhere along its sides.

This is the realization that the thin veil of atmosphere, like a plastic bag wrapped around the earth, is tiny compared with the infinite blackness just beyond it—in fact, it’s the only thing protecting the earth from turning into a bleak Mercury or Mars-like landscape.

How could we disrupt such a wide swath of atmosphere with our little activities? Look down from a space ship and you’ll see.