Eat Trash

by Rachel Gertz

Dive! Trailer from Compeller Pictures on Vimeo.

Jeremy Seifert has a bone to pick with the American public. Right out of the dumpster. Americans are wasting just as much food as they are eating, something Jeremy intends to change in his new film, Dive!

He’s already got Trader Joe’s on board. The ex president of TJ’s is opening its first ever expired food store that will take healthy, perfectly edible fruits, vegetables, and other grocery items and sell them cheap to people who are struggling to get by. Ironically, in the article they give no credit to Jeremy and claimed the model was a logical next step for them. Imagine that: you can sell food you’d just throw out and make money from that, too. Oh capitalism, you win.

Would you eat food thrown in a dumpster? I would—if it wasn’t slimy, green, or smelled like fish. Unless it was fish. Then that’s okay.