Girls: Naked Truth

by Rachel Gertz

I’ve been hooked on Girls for the last couple seasons. I love hate it. I love the writer, director, creator, and actress Lena Dunham for her amazing portrayal of a spoiled 20-something and her friends in New York. I hate the petty characters and their self-indulgent minutiea. But of course, that’s why I love it. That’s not news.

What I think is kinda cool is the fact that Lena Dunham has a bod that would be considered Aphrodite perfection by Elizabethan standards, and that somehow over the centuries and through the introduction of the four food groups, sweat inducing treadmills, heroin culture, and reflexive media, we’ve narrowed the definition of feminine to a stick with legs and tits. It’s unfortunate. This is also why I love Lena Dunham. She doesn’t give a fuck what people think of her body and her nursery rhyme tattoos.

“And she is beautiful. The first morning Hannah awakes in Joshua’s bed, the sight of her could be a modern take of a Botticelli painting. It’s a reminder that in artwork we can trace how the sociocultural definition of beauty has shifted through the years. Contemporary images signal that we are not (skinny) enough, and the consequence to falling short of the ideal is to lose the right to be proud of our bodies.”—Jamie Woo

The writer of this article, Jaime Woo, describes Lena poetically (although I do find it odd that she makes so many drag comparisons). Lena spends half the episodes naked, eating cupcakes unapologetically in the bath tub and makes us look at her luscious bum, perky smile, and full-bodied hips. She makes us challenge our understandings of feminine beauty especially in tights. I admire the guts it takes to not give a fuck. Especially when you consider that statistically only 5% of women have the body type that is considered “acceptable” for television (watch Killing Us Softly for more sad stats). Yet these stick images are consistently the ones that tell us what our bodies should look like. I feel like I need a cupcake or something.

Go Lena. Wave it in the air like you just don’t care. I’ll be right behind you; just give me a few years to build up my confidence.

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