Is Your Boss Picking Your Pocket?

by Rachel Gertz

It’s kind of disgusting to think that with record-breaking profits, large companies, conglomerates, and corporations are still greedy enough to short your wages, force unpaid overtime, and steal right from your pocket. Sadly, the stats say it in black in white.

According to this article featured in Truth Out, by Lynn Parramore, businesses like Walmart, UPS, and Citigroup have no qualms about withholding pay to their already minimum wage workers to beef up their revenue. Companies don’t even bat an eyelash when they fire a worker and then withhold final paycheques, casually keep your tips to ‘safely distribute them’ to other workers, or muzzle them to keep their complaints from stirring up curious noses. How nice!

In a survey of over 4000 workers, the following stats bubbled to the surface:

  • 26 percent of low-wage workers got paid less than the minimum wage.
  • 76 percent of workers toiling over 40 hours were denied overtime.
  • Workers lose an average of $2,634 a year due to these and other workplace violations.

—Broken Laws, Unprotected Workers, NELP

I mean, if it isn’t hard enough getting and keeping a stinking job, the last thing you need is to be robbed by your own rich, asshole boss. I better not rip me off.

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Can My Boss Do That?
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