Learn A Language in 90 Days

by Rachel Gertz

What’s crazy about learning a language is that we think we can simply read some words on a page, spell them a few times, and then know the language. The whole premise of this article is that in order to speak a language you should—surprise—speak it! All the time, everywhere you go and with anyone you meet. You would theoretically be the most annoying person in the room if you did this and were surrounded by those speaking your native tongue. But if you’re on the road, you just might make a few friends. How do you say “not that kind of trick” in Swahili?

Apparently, you can nail a new language in 60 days if you commit to learning about 30 new words a day, and by learning, I mean speaking them with people in a real conversation when you can’t fall back on your own native tongue to rescue you. Remember, not everyone knows English, you spoiled little rabbit. If anything, Mandarin might be your best possible chance for success in a globalized world.

Fascinating article and makes me want to learn French, Italian, German, or maybe even Kyrgyz.

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