Let’s Live in Space

by Rachel Gertz

Here are some lovely photos collected from old 1970s articles in Physics Today. The imaginative creativity involved in creating planet-sized donuts capable of housing humans, flatulence, and canola fields is pretty staggering. Makes you wonder whether you’d sign up for a one-way trip if it meant eating freeze dried bolognese every day for seven years until you got yourself established.

Don’t forget to peruse a matching article on The Colonization of Space by Gerard O’Neill, an professor of physics who taught at Princeton. The math is all there—I mean, I didn’t double check the calculations, but I’m like 99.998% sure we can make this space colonization thing happen in 2023.

“New ideas are controversial when they challenge orthodoxy, but orthodoxy changes with time, often surprisingly fast. It is orthodox, for example, to believe that Earth is the only practical habitat for Man, and that the human race is close to its ultimate size limits. But I believe we have now reached the point where we can, if we so choose, build new habitats far more comfortable, productive and attractive than is most of Earth.”

Science. It’s pretty effing great.

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