Mr. Rogers Has A Documentary??

by Rachel Gertz

Mr. Rogers, the loveable hipster-before-hipsters-even-existed; a cardigan-wearing child entertainer who after years in the biz has left us behind with a legacy. Even though he always frightened me as a child—his sick-sweet voice gave me the prickles—I’d still see this documentary.

I admit that I was a slave to the show in my formative years, eagerly absorbing the lessons on being nice to my neighbours and how to tie my shoes. Fred Rogers was always so articulate and well-dressed. And I guess he was pretty wise, too.

The film itself was made by his kid neighbour in real life who is destined to reveal the true meaning of Mr. Rogers wise words to him, “…deep and simple is far more essential than shallow and complex.”

I hope people make a documentary about me one day. I’m not that well-dressed and certainly don’t have sonnets of wisdom spilling out of me, but hell, I know how to tie my shoes!

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