Muppets: A Liberal Agenda Created to Brainwash Your Children into Communism

by Travis Gertz

Fox News just keeps getting better and better. Here is a “hard-hitting” piece on how the new Muppets movie is secretly brainwashing our children to be Communists. Damn those brainwashers. The Onion must be sweating, because even they couldn’t think up something this mind-crushing.

The failing economy, corporate irresponsibility, a painfully mockable GOP race, and the occupy movement seem to be inspiring more public discourse than we’ve seen in a long time. Fox seems to be combatting it by turing their crazy meter up to 11. Who knew these times would result in so much hilarity from the right wing media?

It’s like they’re trying to sabotage themselves with absurdity.

“We’re teaching our kids class warfare. Where are we, Communist China?”


Thanks to Tanner for tweeting this gem.