Operation Maple - Canadian Political Videos

by Rachel Gertz

Operation Maple

I love to rant about the downfall of United States politics and economics. Don’t lie. You can’t wait to hear me rant. You nestle into your blanket and sigh with relief when a Rachel volcano explodes all over your page.

Sorry about that. I’ll get it cleaned up in a minute.

My excuse for ranting is that there’s never any coverage on the issues affecting its Canadian counterpart, and IF coverage happens to creep out the front door into our watery sunlight, it’s usually small potatoes talk. Us Canucks forget about it in minutes and go on dog sledding.

Until now. Operation Maple sums up our country’s woes (and looky looky: they’re almost identical USA’s steaming pile of corporatocratic problems). Word of the day.

Check out the feature video: pretty much sums up why we’re Occupying Canada—in case you thought life here in the great white north was all wine and roses.

It ain’t.

Thanks Christy Herdman for the share!