Pink Ribbons, Inc

by Travis Gertz

Cancer is shitty. We can all probably agree that the faster we can find a cure, the better.

It’s great that people are willing to put forth their hard-earned money to support the so-called fight against cancer, but where is that money going, and who is really benefiting? I haven’t seen this film yet, but you can bet it’s not going to be cancer patients who win.

Rachel and I have been very opposed to the idea of pinkwashing for a long time. The pink ribbon is a brand in itself… a brand used by other corporations to hawk shitty pink versions of their often cancer-causing products, shamelessly boost their public image, and make a healthy profit by exploiting breast cancer victims.

I was giddy when I first saw this trailer. I know far too many people that get duped into buying this crap on a regular basis. I hope you all check it out and think twice about pink ribbon support.

Related: This happens to be timed perfectly with the recent well-deserved outrage over the Susan G. Komen Foundation pulling support for the invaluable American organization, Planned Parenthood.

Via @storyofstuff