Please Vote For Me

by Rachel Gertz

With the Alberta election only heartbeats away, it felt bittersweet to post this 2007 trailer. I first saw Please Vote For Me, a film about third-graders in China voting for their first class monitor ever, while finishing a World Education class in my final semester at Lethbridge University. It’s a funny film that highlights the trials and tribulations of three young candidates as they quickly learn which dirty tricks will land them the most ‘democratic’ votes in the shortest time. Remember this is in Communist China. Voting isn’t exactly a common event. Some of the kids bribe, others bully—some of them even get their parents to ‘weigh in’. Not surprisingly, this tale echoes the darker side of natural leadership told in books like Lord of the Flies, and even more scary: current political election practices in virtually every democratic nation we know.

When you’re out there voting tomorrow, remember that you’re not voting for a colour, you’re voting for an ideology—no matter if your candidate is a 5-year-old girl or a 45-year-old bat out of hell, get to know his/her true colours before you cast your ballot (aka his/her platform). Your lunch money depends on it.