PROPAGANDA: A North Korean Propaganda Film About Western Propaganda

by Travis Gertz

If you haven’t seen this film that was apparently leaked by North Korean defectors attempting to share it with a wider audience, it might be time for a watch: It’s called Propaganda, and it’s a film made by the kingfishers of propaganda films, North Korea.

I have to admit, after hearing that a film like this originated out of a close-lipped country like North Korea who may or may not have made a film explaining that Americans drink hot snow in styrofoam cups, I was a little critical. Turns out that little video was a hoax.

This one, however, seems to be more authentic. I’m not going to go out on a limb and say that I’m 100% sold on the content—I mean North Korea is basically declaring they’re the only country that hasn’t been invaded by the US due to their sheer military force and brawn, but this masterpiece is still worth every eye-splitting second.

This 1:35 film documents North America’s descent into a superfluous world of glamour, commodity, and violence to distract it from ‘corporatocracies’ that are brainwashing their own citizens. Foreign wars, globalization, genocide and unrelenting corruption slip by the because we’re all too busy watching reality TV and buying brand name clothes.

The film is shockingly accurate in its depiction of westernized culture—it also happens to ignore the obvious fact that much of the ‘evil’ North America is accused of, North Korea is guilty of as well, colluding with foreign capitalists, censoring its media and communication, and basically holding its own citizens hostage so to obey their invincible, infantile leader, Mickey Mouse.