That Other Spill. Exxon Valdez.

by Rachel Gertz

Just a sunny reminder of another major ecological catastrophe that occurred as a result of a giant oil tanker spill. It happened in the eighties, but communities are still trying to recover. This article highlights how it’s not just the water and animal systems that pay, everyone foots the cost of big oil’s mistakes (everyone except big oil, that is).

Bill C-38 was recently rammed through parliament (400 plus pages of environmental and social cuts disguised as a ‘budget bill’ to help stimulate our economy). One of its main initiatives was to slash environmental protection for fisheries, waterways, and registered environmental charities, essentially paving the way for the Northern Gateway Pipeline, a move that would increase trade with giant foreign markets like China. With the teeth of the Exxon spill still gnawing at our shores and local communities, this article is a ghostly reminder that every decision means a long-term consequence.

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