The Universe Within

by Rachel Gertz

Neil Shubin is a bright, bushy-tailed kinda guy. He also happens to be a palaeontologist, evolutionary biologist, and writer of intrigue (that’s science, not romance). Shubin also happened to figure out the missing link that marks our historical evolution from waterborne animals to land dwellers. 375 million years ago, flat-headed fish with gills shat on the concept of Creationism and died in the riverbeds of Canada’s now arctic north. These fossils branded a bone structure that showed a clear evolutionary middle ground between the fins of the past and the arms of the present. So: fossils uncovered. Verdict made. Voila.

“We are connected to the rest of life on our planet, and indeed Tectolics is just one stopping point. If we look at ourselves and we see the layer after layer of history inside of us, we can connect ourselves first to our primate past, then our mammal past, our reptile past, our amphibian past, our fish past, all the way to microbes. Layer after layer of over three billion years of history.” —Neil Shubin

It’s all in the wrist, you guys. I knew it.