This is White History

by Rachel Gertz

You’ll need a good, stiff scotch to take in all of this hard hitting content, but your efforts will be worth it.

A look at all the lovely ways white people have, for centuries, been wreaking havoc on the lives of others who happen not to be white. Who knew Lincoln was such an asshole.

“Although he is nicknamed the Great Emancipator, [Lincoln] was in support of a globalized system of slavery. Lincoln was in support of the Corwin Amendment – which was passed by the 36th Congress – that would have made slavery a permanent institution of the United States. He wanted to ship Black Americans to Africa when they were freed, and alternatively supported segregation as a solution to the “Negro problem”. In his time as president, he also ordered the largest mass hanging in US history of Dakota Indians in 1862.

Makes you think twice about those ‘noble’ policy makers you hung your hat on, thinking: “Good job, sir!”

via Amber Eeeeeee

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