Turning the New World

by Rachel Gertz

Native American activist and progressive thinker, Russell Means, passed away this Monday. He left behind an idea for change; A new Native America: The Lakota Republic. Means was well known for his presence in the Battle of Wounded Knee and his progressive, no bullshit attitude towards the concept of true liberty.

This article highlights the failure of the current system in Means’ own words when interviewed by RT News back in 2008:

“The patriarchal governance system is based on fear that produces various phobias. Men fear women, and women gain so much power that their identity gets modified. Refugees storm the state borders, and states protect their borders, maintain armies of prisoners, and practice torture and execution. The entire society is saturated with fear that’s been stirred up artificially. A patriarchal state believes in negative only, and expects negative only from its people. It was generated together with the market; and it made people its slaves.

He believes that the republic will essentially restore the balance of power back to smaller more tightly-knit Lakota communities that would shrug off the corruption of big American government. A bizarre take on Ayn Rand’s libertarian movement, but still a fascinating thought.

The crazy thing is if the Lakota Republic ever formed officially (which many people doubt), its citizens would be labeled terrorists by the US government and they would be held more constrictively as hostages in their own country than ever before.

Means held onto this hope till he died saying, “we are free.” I wonder what this phrase will mean to his great-granchildren. Their reality, I hope.

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