Vic Toews; Public Safety Minister. Liar.

by Rachel Gertz

Open Media has been backing up Canada’s public interest regarding online and cellular communications since these concerns started heating our country up. They keep us informed and expose the latest tele-debacles on their site and via online campaigns. This particular debunk really piqued my interest since it ripped through Public Safety Minister Vic Toews’ rationalization about why and how Bill C-30 (the one that’s supposed to protect us from child molesters by infringing on our online privacy) isn’t the big bad wolf it’s made out to be. It is.

Open Media demystifies Toews’ ‘myth busting’ by presenting the facts behind the Straw Man fallacy he lays out like a spread before us.

The result is that after reading through this unsettling post, we see that this could be a bad time for Canada—that is, unless we know any hunters who like to catch wolves or public safety ministers.

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