Wildrose Alliance: Only A White Man Can

by Rachel Gertz

This post was created by my friend and old co worker, Hervé St-Louis in light of the recent racist remarks of Wildrose Alliance candidate and pastor Ron Leech. Leech managed to offend every right minded Albertan without so much as an apology (he later ‘apologized’ on Facebook for people ‘misconstruing’ his comments—he actually meant to say he’s NOT at a disadvantage being a Caucasian. So essentially the dumb public misunderstood his heartfelt remarks.) Anyway, he was defended by leader Danielle Smith for simply preserving his right to hold certain religious beliefs. What about the right to not be governed by a racist who will likely have his own clan’s interests in mind during decision making? Maybe we ought to be scanning our charter for that one.

A solid read, and an article that makes you think. Thank you, Hervé, for saying what needed to be said. I hope we get more than an apology from Wildrose. I hope we get a resignation.

The Alberta provincial election is coming up next week. See how Alberta faired at the last election and put on your voting hats, peeps. Methinks it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

PS: Feel free to leave Ron a comment on his Facebook page. Ask him where his doctorate came from.

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