Scared of the Bone Marrow Registry?

by Rachel Gertz

So a guy wants to make it easier for people to find a bone marrow match. You’d think this would be a simple task, but guess what? You only have a 25% chance of having a match within your own family, and there is such a shortage of donations that thousands of people are dying every year because they cannot access these slimy, pink cells.

The guy’s answer? Get people to send their blood samples in after getting a minor cut and a envelope marked “Donor Registry” from their bandaid box. It is pretty smart. Once you get on the registry, you can potentially go on donating your whole life.

Now the question I had to ask was, how much is donating going to hurt? Seriously, the thought of someone jabbing a needle into my hip bone while I’m out cold so they can extract what looks to be the equivalent of raw, blended bacon has really got me gagging. It’s actually made up of fat, red and white blood cells, and platelets. Yum!

I get that it’s important and if it were my brother or sister, I’d definitely be on the gurney, but I’d still whine for at least three days afterward. Apparently the pain is like having a pulled muscle in your hip or lower back for a few days—that is, unless you have more severe symptoms like sharp stabbing pain down your leg or nerve damage.

So, would you do it? And if you would, are you on the registry yet?

I’ll do it if you do.

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